Aluminum wire shot

Aluminum wire shots are ideal for use when required to clean the surface of nonferrous metal casting parts. They are made using superior grade aluminum wires. Durable, and with high tensile strength, the shots have a flawless finish.

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Aluminum shot is used for burr,eliminating surface removing stress,defect,,etching,unknit,strengthen,prevention rust before painting of metal die-casting,precision casting,hardware tool,machinery manufacturing,automobile spare parts,apparatus,pump valve industry.


Products Aluminium Shot
Chemical Composition Al≥99.7%
Microhardness 45~50HV
Tensile Intensity 80~240Mpa
Durability 6500 Times
Microstructure Deformed α
Density 2.7g/cm3
Bulk Density 1.5g/cm3

Packaging Details:25kg/bag, 1000kgs/MTbag

Aluminum wire shot

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